Homemade fermented vegetables

Fermented Vegetables at Home Made Easy

Preparing fermented vegetables at home is simple, inexpensive and fun. And health benefits are greatly underestimated. I here offer a simple recipe how to prepare fermented vegetables at home wihtout too many ingredients or instructions. This batch actually turned out extremely well. Keep it … Read More...

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Probiotics benefits are many

Raw honey

Raw Honey Benefits • Friendly Bacteria at Work

Besides its delightful taste, raw honey benefits are profound and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. What is the secret of the amazing properties of raw honey? Recent research reveal that raw honey contains large amounts of potent probiotic bacteria. Researchers in Lund University, Sweden published finding that wild and fresh honey contains billions of friendly bacteria of […]

probiotics weight loss

Probiotics Weight Loss Bacterium Found

Consuming probiotics for weight loss might sound far-fetched. Is it possible that beneficial bacteria in your gut can determine to increase you belly-fat or to lose weight? Amazingly they can! Imagine that you’re trying to lose weight but without success. Frustrated, you look for help. You are offered to add a specific probiotics weight loss bacterium to your diet. This bacterium enters your body, quickly improves […]

How About Side Effects?

Creamy, healthy yogurt