Fermented vegetables

Fermenting Vegetables Using Dr Mercola Kinetic Culture

In this recipe I'm fermenting vegetables using Dr. Mercola Kinetic Culture as a starter. The result was excellent! Using a high quality starter culture is small thing but makes a big difference. This recipe is very simple and can be varied in infinite ways. I mainly prepared this batch to try Dr. … Read More...

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bentonite clay

Bentonite Clay Benefits • A Little Dirt Won’t Hurt

Bentonite clay has great healing properties and is natural, safe, cheap and simple to use at home. In fact, many clay users claim its benefits exceed most dietary supplements. Bentonite clay benefits includes supple, soft skin, healthy hair and healing detox baths. Many drink bentonite clay to detox the digestive tract, the liver and  the entire body. My wife and I have tried a few different clays and […]

Raw honey

Raw Honey Benefits • Sweet Bacteria at Work

Besides its delightful taste, raw honey benefits are profound and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. What is the secret of the amazing properties of raw honey? Recent research reveal that raw honey contains large amounts of potent probiotic bacteria. Researchers in Lund University, Sweden published finding that wild and fresh honey contains billions of friendly bacteria of […]

How About Side Effects?

Creamy, healthy yogurt