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Fermenting Vegetables • List of Veggies to Ferment

Thinking of fermenting vegetables? This list can help you find which veggies to ferment. Almost any vegetable can be fermented by the same probiotic bacteria. Therefore, many fermented vegetables will have similar health benefits, though the taste and texture might differ. When fermenting … Read More...

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Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, Study Suggests

Friendly bacteria can perform amazing things, this we already know. Could probiotics lower your blood pressure naturally? According to research, yes. Probiotics are live bacteria colonizing your digestive tract. These bacteria are in the trillions and are of many different kinds and strains. These bacteria work in symbiosis with your body and promote a healthy, strong immune system, controlling your mood, skin quality […]

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Juicing for Weight Loss? Probiotics Can Boost Benefits

Juicing is an amazing way to naturally prevent and treat disease and to enjoy promote radiant health. Juicing promotes soft, supple skin, clears brain fog and energizes your body you never thought possible. However, many people are juicing for weight loss and for this juicing excels. Fresh juice from fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and many other […]

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